Thursday, 10 September 2015

ARC Review | Inconceivable by Cherrie Mack

- My Review -

I don't know where to start, I want to say ' IT'S GOOD' because I was definitely hooked in and read it all in one day but at the same time I felt that the writing was a bit... meh.

Let's start with what wanted me to read this book. I wanted to read this because it said in the summary that it was like a Cinderella retelling story kind of thing, or was it inspired by..hmm...but anyways, anything fairy tale related... I'm in. So I read the book... reading.... reading, and I felt like I was getting some sort of  'a wattpad typical romance story' vibe. Girl hate a certain type of guys, found a guy she coincidentally met, guy fits the EXACT description of who the girl hate, falls in love, yadi yada. It's not like I'm criticizing wattpad stories.

Yes Mimi, that's exactly what you're doing.

I'm not.

Pacing of the book was pretty good at first but the last few chapters, was pretty rushed, I found myself going, wait.... wha..? The ending I thought was really cliche and I found myself rolling my eyes quite a bit.

Characters... were alright, a bit annoying but alright. The main character developed in this really cliche way and the 'lesson/s' she learned was mmm. The whole book was about her relationship with (spoiler) Angelo (Victor, I prefer Angelo way better but that's just my opinion) which was her fairy godmother, father, lover...I don't know.(spoiler ended). Their relationship was alright at the beginning but then it got super... guess what word I'm gonna be using... cliche at the end. 'My heart will find you' ? Well okay lover boy.

Ignoring all of the above, this book definitely hooked me in and I found myself laughing at times and my heart did break a few times (what am I saying?) and overall...

2 stars/ 5

*sorry for overusing the word 'cliche'