Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Selection 1, 2 (The Elite)

The Selection

Kiera Cass

Book Format
Overdrive, Local Library

My Rating
(everything can improve, should)

Summary - May Contain SPOILERS
(I suck at summarizing, so I'm sorry)

This book was set in the future (it took me a while to figure THAT out, I'm a bit slow). Apparently USA got attacked by China and was ruled by China at a certain point. And they don't know what Halloween was??!!!!

Anyway lets get to the important/main parts of the book...

So in this...era(?), they haves castes which are like a groups. There are 8 castes all together, 1 is the richest and 8 is the poorest. America Singer, our main character WAS a five...until... she got selected to compete in The Selection. The Selection is basically like The Bachelor, there are 33 other girls competing to win the prince's heart, whose name is Maxon. But she has a boyfriend named Aspen (who encouraged her to sign up for The Selection btw) who thought he couldn't support her because he was a 6. So back to America, she didn't EXPECT to fall for Maxon because he looks like a total pain in the ass, but of course she does. Maxon or Aspen? At the end she just don't know who she wants.

Suitable Audience
Want something romantic?
A teenager?

The Elite (The Selection 2)

Kiera Cass

Book Format
Hardcover, Library

My Rating 

Summary - May Contain SPOILERS (My Review)
Maxon or Aspen? She has to choose and quick. The Elite is the last 6 girls of the competition. Maxon is totally into her but she has to decide whether she wants to BE with him. In this book Maxon seems like a total dick (but he isn't at the end). This book is like very very suspenseful and is highly recommended.

Sorry for the short reviews and sucky summaries. My tests are coming up soon so I have to study until my brain explodes. Review on The One (The Selection 3) will be out soon, when I start it. Which is whenever. - mimi

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