About Me

Once upon a time, a girl named Mimi discovered books and went crazy. She begged her mom to buy her a new Enid Blyton book everytime they went out which drove her mum crazy. When she was older she thought Enid Blyton's book was a little to postive and happy (and unrealistic) so she moved on to Jaqueline Wilson who wrote stuff about how the child cope with divorced parents, Mimi stuck with Ms Wilson as her favourite author for a long time. Later on, she got the third book of The Series of Unfortunate Event and fell in love with that (still haven't finish it...(the series) yet).

Growing up later she didn't particularly have a favourite author, she discovered goodreads and read some of the top books there.

The End... NOT

5 facts about me :

1. I hate... dislike The Hunger Games.

2. I hate when a book becomes a movie,(but I'll watch it anyway) because whenever I read the book again... I'll picture the actor/actress instead of my own imagination

3. Once I read a book, I can't read it again unless it's Diary of a Wimpy Kid (so mature I know)

4. When someone spoil a book/ movie for me, I will not read it because wht is the point if you already know the ending?

5. I can't read non-fiction stuff unless it's interesting like a diary

I started this blog to share my honest opinions about books and stuff related to books and books and books and books.

SINCE 20 MAY 2015


  1. Hi Mimi,
    I enjoyed your blog. There's lot of cool non-fiction. Short nights of the Shadow Catcher was excellent.

    1. That sounds like a great suggestion! I would definitely find the book Chantal :)


  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog and decided to love it ;) I don't really care about spoilers. Sometimes, they just make me want to read the book more! :D

    Ranu @ The Bookish Life

    1. Good decision Ranu! Ahaha :) I love your blog too!

      You remind me of my cousin (who spoils stuff for ME) she doesn't mind spoilers herself but I can't stand spoilers.

  3. I love Jacqueline Wilson too! I really enjoyed the Girls series and the Hetty Feather series as well. And I loved Cookie and Secrets. Actually I just love them all! :)


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