Sunday, 30 August 2015

TBR List

Holy cow, I apologize for this massive header but I'm not going back to Pic Monkey. So I took a break from blogging AND reading. I thought making this TBR list will bring me out of this slump so here it goes :

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Ni Hao!

Hi guys! I'm sorry for not posting frequently. My excuse? I am the biggest procrastinater in the WORLD. I only read one book in August, I suck I know. So today I'm going to do the Blogger Recognition Award, the Rules are the same as any other award. I was tagged by these lovely bloggers... Erika, Lucy and Theepika

Oh and if you happen to wonder why my title is in chinese it's because I'm currently in my chinese lesson/ class thing, let's get started.

My Story isn't very interesting, this is actually the second book blog I've made, the first one I co blog with my cousin (who also btw made her own blog Bookworms that Blog) When I started my book blog I didn't know there was this whole book blogging community, and being a clueless idiot I am I thought I was going to be the first person to make a book blog!!1!!1 But anyway, I figure out later that there was thousands of other book blogs and that makes it more fun! Why did I make this blog? Lets just say it was last period, it was maths, I was bored etc etc.

My Advice is have fun and don't ever feel pressured to post something that you don't want to. And yea!


Monday, 3 August 2015

Bye bye July-ly

Argh this year is whizzing past

- read in july


I enjoyed all of my July reads especially To All The Boys I've Loved Before, it's sequel and Rebel Belle. Rebel Belle such a fun book and I had so much fun reading it, the main character was perfectly funny... read my full review. TATBILB had me laughing out loud several time, I immediately fell in love with Lara Jean's bubbly personality and her awkward moments was just... read my full review. The sequel was just as perfect... full review. I didn't quite connect with The Impossible Knife of Memory but overall it was a good read... read my full review. I'll meet you there is a really sweet romance novel mixed with a little PTSD, so it was a really emotional book guys. I haven't done a review on this book...yet.

- started in July

I started Finding Audrey in early July and haven't finish it because I guess I kind of got a bit sick of how Audrey was narrating, I'm not saying it's a bad book it's just that I need a break from it. I started An Abundance of Katherines on 30th July and yea.