Sunday, 14 June 2015

Echo Boy

 Echo Boy

Matt Haig

Other Info
Book format ~ Hardback, Library

Pages ~ 399

Summary ~ No Spoilers
This book was set in the future, where we (the 21st century people) are the oldies, weird, I know.

Audrey Castle's family is trying to be as technology free as possible especially her father. Her father hated the technology because he thinks that someday us humans will be at war with the Echos which are robots kind of things (robots = technology) but his brother, Alex Castle owns a company that makes this robot kind of things and other technologies too.

When Audrey's father hurted his legs in an accident, her family decided to buy an Echo... who kills both of Audrey's parent and was supposed to kill Audrey too, but of course she managed, but she was now super scared of Echos. So what made Alissa (the echo who murdered her parents) a murderer... or who?

Daniel, the Echo boy, is somehow connected to this Alissa and you know who else is? Alex Castle.

My Review (minor SPOILERS)
I like it.

It took me a while to get through this book, four - five days! I think it's because sometimes there's like the most irrelevant information... like, who cares how many hairs they got. It was kind of predictable ( I knew it was the uncle , I knew it ), and the characters were a bit stupid but okay. I felt like I really connected with Daniel but not so much with Audrey, she was scared for half of the friggin book, I mean girl grow up. I really like the plot of the book. Overall it was a good book.



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