Thursday, 21 May 2015



Melissa Landers

Book Format
Hardcover, Library

My Rating

Summary - May Contain SPOILERS (My Review)
Cara is an ordinary human, she exceeds in academic stuff. Lets just say she's smart, and because of that ahe was chosen to be the host for the first ever Leihr exchange. Aelyx (a-licks) is a Leihr and is Cara's exchange student for a year. He hates human because we are the DUMBEST living thing. But of course both of them are going to fall for each other.

Aelyx found out that the waters in Earth are soo messed up (polluted) (no surprise there), that the only way to save planet Earth is... no way. They can save the planet. But humans can join forces with the Leihr and you know save something. (go read the book lazyass)

So does Aelyx want the human race to be gone but that means no Cara. - mimi

Book Genre
Adventury kinda thing
But mostly romance

The second book is called Invaded, I have it my room somewhere. So yeah that's coming up soon.

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