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The Impossible Knife of Memory

YA | Contemporary | Realistic Fiction  

The Impossible Knife of Memory 
by Laurie Halse Anderson

4 stars out 5

Haley is the most frustrating, annoying and the most closed minded character I ever read about. Is she bipolar? I don't know. Okay maybe her dad is the reason of her personality. 
"There are two people in this world:
1) Zombies
2) Freaks 
Only two. 
Anyone who tells you different is lying.
Do not listen to zombies.
Run for you freaking life.
That person is a lying zombie."

Well thank you Haley for your words of wisdom. So umm, I don't really get HOW she classifies people into Zombies and Freaks, in the book she she just said that everyone was born a Freak, becomes a teen Freak and then things becomes complicated when teenager Freak goes to highschool, so I assume that they turn into Zombies in highschool?

I thought Haley was funny and sarcastic at times, but most times she is pretty messed up. She does this thing where she tries and forget her memories (good and bad) and occasianally her memories comes flashing back which she doesn't like. She is very loving to her father (who is more messed than she is) and protects him at all times, which is really sweet and I find myself saying "awwwwww" lots of times.

Finn. Okay even though their relationship was pretty instant, and Finn was being really anoying in the beginnig of the book but their relationship is so cute. The best part was that fake date.

Fx So Cute animated GIF

Overall, I thought Mrs., Miss, Ms Halse Anderson? Or is it just Andelson. Well I though the author did a pre-tty good job. I mean I did get the feels and all, so what more could you ask?

Wait before we go let's talk about the cover. Some might say it's beautiful, some might say it looks gorgeous or pretty or meaningful but I say it looks AMAZEBALLS. So let's give Teresa Evangelista and Martin Starnka some acknowlendgement.

Ookay bye guys, have a nice day :)

published Jan 7 2014 on by Viking Books for Young Readers


  1. This sounds intriguing! I'm usually fascinated with books whose MCs are dealing with some psychological problem and such. I'm adding it now to my tbr-list. :)

    Nice review, Mimi! xx

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