Friday, 3 July 2015

Every Last Promise

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minor SPOILERS ahead

My thoughts on this book was... I liked the concept of the what the books is about but I hated the character, especially the main character Kayla. I didn't quite get what exactly was holding her back from giving proof to the police. I mean was she scared she'll lose her best friend? She already did sooo.... Was she scared that she can't call her 'home' home anymore because she won't get accepted by her neighbors, people, whatever? So she would rather let a raper rome around her so called 'home' than giive the freaking evidence to the police. Honestly though, half of the book was just her doing irrelevant things to try and 'fit' in again, which, in the end, she doesn't. Don't even get me started on her relationship with Noah.

So, her first kiss with Noah was soo cheesy and just cringeworthy. Wait no, their whole freaking relationship is cheesy.She (Kayla) says something like this about a hundred times. 'I feel like he is always there when I need him'. AWW SO SWEET, that was my first thought when she first said it but it got so annoying at the end, where Noah magically came by her house twice when she was feeling down. No, hell no.

This book was intriguing, I'll give it that. To be honest thats the only reason why I read it till the the end. It was pretty predictable (for me) that it was going to be something about rape but the text don't give out much, it's just my six sense. I also really like the cover, #tumblr.

2 stars out of 5

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Book Info + Cover

Genre: YA | Romance  | Contemporary | Realistic Fiction

Sources: Library

Publisher: Harper Teen

Published on: April 21st 2015

Pages: 274

Purchase: Amazon

Kayla is blamed for the death of a boy and an injury of another boy but no one know what Kayla saw.

Kayla saw something at that party that haunts her. She didn't mean to kill someone but she sure wanted to (haha did that make sense?)

All she wanted to do that night was save herself and her best friend Bean. After the accident she went to live with her auntie and came home to people talking behind her back and whispering, so much whispering, oh and notes in her locker calling her Killer Kayla. Everyone whom she thought was a friend was now against her. So can she ever rebelong( pretty sure that's a word) to her home again, after what she did. Should she even tell anyone about what happen? Does Bean want her to tell?

Really crappy summary I know I know.


  1. This is somewhat kinda interesting, but is this just a romance crime book? I'm about to look it up from and see what it is. ha

    1. Its pretty interesting, you could try reading it :) everyone should have an opinion, so you might just like it

  2. After I read several review from the people on I'd say, Nah, I won't read this..

  3. I haven't heard about this before. I'm sad to hear that you didn't enjoy it that much, and I know the feeling when a book isn't great but so intriguing that you have to finish it. I really don't think I'm going to pick this one up, but great review anyway!

    Amanda Emma @ Little Miss Reader


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